Biohealth Precision Blend Review – Is this blend a good protein powder to be used by women?

Many women are turning to protein powder to help them lose weight. With all the different brands out there it can be confusing to find the product that will work for you.

Do you want to lose weight, gain lean muscle mass, or replace a meal with a protein shake?

Biohealth Precision Blend Protein Powder claims to taste good and is great for women that are looking to lose some weight.


Whey protein powder usually does not rank highly when it comes to taste. They often need to be mixed with something such as milk or yogurt or made into a smoothie.

Biohealth Precision Protein Powder tastes good even without additives. It can be eaten right out of the can or added to cereal.

You do not need to consume extra calories by adding another product such as milk. This powder comes in 8 great tasting flavors that women will love.

 Low in Calories

Another positive quality of the Biohealth Precision Blend Protein Powder is that it is low in calories. There are only 90 calories per serving making it one of the lowest calorie supplements on the market. This is good news for a woman that is looking to lose weight.

 How does Biohealth compare to other protein powders?

Many popular protein powders will help a person gain muscle mass. They often contain 300 calories per serving. Even the lighter powders contain between 180 and 200 calories each serving. Biohealth Precision Blend Protein Powder has much fewer calories than the leading light protein powders.

Each scoop of Biohealth contains 23 grams of protein and no fat or carbohydrates. These is great for leading watching their calorie intake and are looking for a health meal replacement protein powder.

 High Quality Protein Formula

Biohealth Precision Blend Protein Powder is top quality.

This protein is taken from a whey protein isolate that goes by the name Promina. This is easy for the body to digest and will be absorbed quickly. This will allow the Promina to be used by the muscles so they can rebuild and repair their tissue. This powder also contains essential amino acids. This product has more of these amino acids than cheaper brands that contain whey isolates.


Many protein powders are hard to mix into other items such as liquids or oatmeal. They may develop clumps and leave behind a gritty taste. This is not appealing at all.

Biohealth Precision Blend Protein Powder is able to easily mix into many different things. While it tastes great on its own this powder can be mixed with milk, water, cheese, yogurt, and even ice cream.

This protein powder does tend to foam which is something to keep in mind when making a shake. This Biohealth Precision Blend Protein review as proven that this is the best protein powder for you.

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